• General Construction
  • Mechanical Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Civil Works
  • Building Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Construction of Wellpads for Rigs
  • Operation & Janitorial Maintenance & Services
  • Earthwork Projects
  • Equipment Rental


Mohamed Rashid Balharith Est. was initiated by its Owner Mr. Mohamed Rashid Balharith in the year 1974. The Establishment is a Saudi owned and managed by Sheik Hamed Rashid Balharith as President and Managing Director. A veteran retired Saudi Aramco employee who leaves the post of “Superintendent” in Udhailiyah Oil Producing Department Saudi Aramco year 1989. But now to present is known as Mohamed Rashid Balharith Partner Company.


The company began its contracting activities in 1974 for construction of Building, Short Form & Long Form Contracts to Saudi Aramco and Saudi Consolidated Electric Company (SCECO) including Field Operations, Maintenance & Services. Contracts are in Dhahran, Udhailiyah, Ras Tanurah and Abqaiq. And some other major Project contract with the Drilling and Workover Department. Balharith play a part in the fields of Operation & Janitorial Maintenance and Services, Constructions of Roads and Well Pads for Rigs is one of the most foremost event asset contracts of the Company. In general company specialist in earthwork projects. Balharith completed several Long Form Contract Projects and had lengthened its capital to a heart boast Contractor to Saudi Aramco with financial resourceful.


The company becomes a famous constructing and Trading Contractor in the history of Saudi Aramco Oil Company Contracting Department and maintaining the record as a strong contender Contractor in the contracting industry.


With the awards of huge contracts, the company expanded its multi own projects assets for Housing and Apartments, Lands, Offices and Equipment and other investment outside the Kingdom.




M.R. Balharith Est., P.O. Box 197, Hofuf - 31982, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel: 00966 3 592 5417 , 592 0177 & 592 8290 Fax : 00966 3 592 1681

Email : mrb@balharithest.com

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